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  1. The Blackout - Start The Party - Camden Underworld

    this was incredible 

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  3. Don’t mess jeff 

    Don’t mess jeff 

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  5. Young Guns Review

    I have randomly decided I am gunna review gigs (Y)

    The K’s are not me ripping of Kerrang that is the first letter of my first name 

    Young Guns - 02 Shepherds Bush Empire 

    Your Demise - 3/5

    I had never seen these guys until this gig but they are very good at getting a crowd pumped, They had a lot of energy and by the end of there set the lead vocalist was in the crowd with us which was pretty damn cool.

    We Are The In Crowd 4/5

    I was very excited to see these guys again plus Tay is just pure beauty, I though they had a great set they got the crowd going and they are a really good band I don’t see how people can tag them as a “Paramore band” I like Paramore but We Are The In Crowd clearly are not Paramore. they even played Exits And Entrances which I had heard they were not playing on the tour so that was a pleasant surprise they ended the set the way they should with Rumor Mill was such a great set and can’t wait until they are back. - We Are The In Crowd - Rumor Mill (recorded by me)

    Young Guns 5/5

    They were incredible I had seen Young Guns beforehand supporting bands but had never seen them headline ( I was in hospital -_-) but the wait was worth it. Seeing a band who has played in your hometown in a bar and to see them play there biggest UK show was pretty cool they proved they can handle the growth as a band they had pyro, confetti and much more it was a bit sad for me they didn’t play Headlights but ill catch that live some day it was a comeplete joy being there and worth every penny. - Young Guns - Bones (recorded by me) 

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Tekken: Blood Vengence


    Tekken: Blood Vengence

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